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College Events


Players should be attending a Prospect Day/Camp/Clinics when you are very interested in a particular school and want to learn more about the program. Athletes should not go to these events if they have never reached out to the school before.  A great way to discover Prospect Days is by introducing yourself to that college coach – Even if college coaches are prevented by NCAA Rules from responding to that particular athlete, they are able to send you their questionnaire or information about any upcoming prospect days if they are interested in learning more about you as a player. These Prospect Days are best for when you are narrowing down your recruiting process and focusing on a few selected schools because this is usually a more intimate event and is hosted by the team’s coaching staff and players. It’s is a great way to get on campus, see the coaches’ coaching style, how the current teammates interact with one another, and the overall dynamic of the team.  Scroll below to read more about “the Good and the Bad” of Summer Camps/Clinics.

Below is a listing of events listed by college coaches on their ConnectLAX profile and primarily consist of on-campus prospect days, clinics and camps, providing an opportunity for interested recruits to be seen by that college’s staff.  

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